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New Game Releases for February 2014 Part 2 (February 17th through 28th)

The first half of February 2014 saw the release of some big titles, but it's the back half of the month that is more loaded with big releases and something for everyone. It's a month filled with spinoffs, reboots, and sequels. Here are six of the biggest titles coming out in the later half of February....(more)

Six Tips To Help Master the Seas in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

"Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag" is a massive open world game spanning both land and sea. Some of the most fun moments, and most challenging, happen outside the game's main story and are entirely naval based. These include naval contracts and the more difficult legendary ship battles. Follow the six tips below to make your time on the seas in "Assassin's Creed IV" tackling these challenges a lot easier....(more)

6 Video Game Myths That Are Completely Untrue

Rumors about gaming are nothing new, but these rumors were different because even once disproven they were still widely circulated and believed. Here are the 6 video game myths that are completely untrue. ...(more)

Unexpected Benefits of Video Games

Not only are video games super entertaining but they can also be surprisingly practical with real world applications. Video games and their respective equipment may be used for therapeutic purposes, medical training, and even novel decor. The uses of video games beyond their recreational values are rapidly expanding!...(more)

Action and Adventure

Developer Spotlight: Sucker Punch Productions

With their PlayStation consoles, Sony has built up a large fanbase for being the platform that not only gets all the big third party multiplatform games, but also has the largest collection of first party studios pumping out exclusive games. One of the most popular of these studios is Sucker Punch Productions, who has been making games exclusively for PlayStation since 2002 on the PS2. In this article, we'll take a look at the history of Sucker Punch, as well as some of their most notable games....(more)

New Game Releases for February 2014 (February 4th through 11th)

January was a slow month for gaming with only one major release and that was just a next-generation port of a game that released in early 2013. Things pick up big time this month though. Below are just some of the many games that are hitting store shelves in the first half of February 2014....(more)

Indie Spotlight: Brothers A Tale of Two Sons

In 2013 a quirky indie game was released that immediately got praise from critics and players alike for its unique gameplay, art style, and its incredible approach to storytelling. If you haven't played "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons," then you're not only missing out on one of the best downloadable games of 2013, but also one of the best indie games and stories available....(more)


5 Great Baseball Games That Knock It Out of the Park

Baseball has long been considered "America's favorite pastime," even though in more recent years football has become the more popular sport in the United States. It is no surprise then that baseball has been popular in video game form since the 1970s. Gamers have long been playing baseball games, from the simple to the complex simulators, at arcades and in the comfort of their own homes. Below are five baseball games that were notable when they originally released for home consoles and remain great to play today. These are the games that knocked it out of their park in terms of gameplay and fun factor....(more)

X-Arcade Stick

The X-Arcade Stick is an arcade fan's dream. The stick is well made and specifically created for those wanting to replicate a true arcade experience. If you want to build your own arcade cabinet, an X-Arcade Stick is an ideal piece of equipment to have. It fits perfectly in the spot where the arcade stick is supposed to go. The X-Arcade Stick is equipped with two sticks and button sets, giving you a vintage, classic experience. Because of its premier construction, this gaming control has become a favorite of many arcade fans....(more)

Brunswick Pro Bowling Kinect for Xbox

Brunswick Pro Bowling Kinect for your Xbox is like having a bowling alley in your home. All ages can play this bowling game as you can set up bumper lanes for the young kids. Customizing your bowler is possible with Brunswick shoes, clothes, and balls. There are six authentic 10-pin lanes for your enjoyment. Bowling can be done in leagues, tournaments, mini-games, and exhibitions. The following will tell you about the game so you can decide if this game is for you....(more)

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